The Birdhouse is Born…

If you know me and George, you likely already know that we are buying a house. But if you stumbled upon us, now you ALSO know that we are buying a house! WOO! We’re calling it the Birdhouse because a little bird was sitting in the window when we went to scope out the property. It seemed like a good sign, and since then I have been buying little bird themed good-luck charms to help us seal the deal. They must be good for something, because we are set to close on this beauty in a matter of days!

The Birdhouse is a lovely Victorian that was purchased on auction. Although it is in a bit of (obvious) disrepair, it also has some beautiful features:

The house is also full of cracks and creaks, lead paint, broken pipes and some old diy repairs that make you wonder what the previous owner was really thinking.

Oh, and raccoon prints. In the kitchen. I’ll save that for another post.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, and a lot of decision making, but by the end of it we are hoping for some great BBQ parties in the backyard:


The to-do list with this place is about a mile long, so we will be sure to update you all regularly!

Love, The Woods Fam

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