Floor Plans, Before and After (Maybe…)

The Birdhouse has a classic Victorian layout: closed off rooms (to keep heat in) and a back stairwell (for service quarters). It is certainly livable as is, but we are hoping to make some updates. This is what the first floor looks like now:

Plan 2 - 1st Floor

This floor plan was really intended to be a representation of what minimal updates we may want to do, and does have a few changes: we have added an island to the kitchen, and moved the bathroom door from the kitchen to the dining room. We have also closed a door from the ‘music room’ to the living room, and replaced it with a built in bookshelf.

Below is what the second floor looks like currently:

Plan 2 - 2nd Floor

The more we talk about the house, and improvements we may want to make, the bigger the project becomes. The electric in the house needs updating, and we will need to open up some walls. Because of this, it really makes sense to invest the extra time and money to make whatever changes we want to make. So here is what we HOPE to do with the house:

1st Floor:

Plan 2 - 12th Floor

2nd Floor:

Plan 2 - 13th Floor

The idea would be to open up living spaces to feel more modern and airy, utilize the upstairs hallway (which is otherwise wasted square footage), and add an additional bathroom. We may opt to remove the back stairwell, and open up the master bathroom even more.

We are considering removing the back room on the first floor because currently it is not functional: not properly supported, no heat, open walls. It needs about $11,000 just to make it useful. We would rather invest the money elsewhere, or invest the money in maybe even bringing the stairs to the attic up to code and making that an additional living space.

Needless to say, we have a lot of decisions to make… All to the tune of a hefty price tag. But someday, when it is done, it will be beautiful. Until then, we are trying to make a plan to just make sure it is somewhat livable and functional by the time we move in. Whether that is September of October has yet to be determined…

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