We officially own this mess…!

We had some blunders and setbacks, but we are now OFFICIALLY home owners. Yep, we own this mess.

I went to the house on Tuesday night to tidy up a bit and cut down the hideous bushes out front. We are doing another run through with our contractor this weekend, and will start major work this coming week. Until then, here are a few photo updates:

The front of the house. Not a big change, but a start!


Bye bye, 70’s panelling:


Old wainscoting. Not sure if this is original to the house, or from more mid century.



2 thoughts on “We officially own this mess…!

  1. Heather – so happy for you and George. This certainly looks like a huge project but it’ll be fun since it’s YOUR project and your home! Best wishes to you both on this endeavor and lots of love from Spokane! Auntie Bobbie & Uncle Dougie


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