Demo and Construction

When I started this blog, I was so sparkly and fresh. So doe eyed. So naive. Something about nearly two months of demoing has weathered my spirit a bit. Could be the feeling of having a constant layer of plaster and rubble covering every inch of the skin and scalp. Could be the swollen hands, from endless hitting, scraping, sanding. could be sore backs from moving lumber. Could be late nights of demo every night after work and every weekend. Maybe its everything all rolled into one. Regardless, we are both spent, and frankly not in the mood to blog let alone use the english language to form meaningful sentences. Two 30 foot dumpsters later, we are somehow continuing on.

On the bright side, we have had some interesting finds in the walls of the house. Old papers, blue prints, fabrics, and tools: things the family who built this home wanted someone to find someday. We have also found some extra surprises, like spiders, dirt, several construction errors, and one dead mouse.

On the brighter bright side, we have started the reconstruction phase. New walls are coming up, and if you squint a bit you can start to see where the rooms will be and how it will feel in the house. There are more pictures to come, but this is where we are so far:


More to come, when we get the chance to take a breath.

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